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FLS(Demo) - The Light FLS(Demo) - The Light

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

keep on going man. its very relaxing and soothing. the beginning gives me like a "bramble blast" vibe. if you're unfamiliar, its a song from an old game, and it was really nice and peaceful song. I think that sidechained sounding flute type whistle is a little too loud, i think you should blend it in to the background a little more, or have it fading in some spots and out others. i imagine can this song in a game or some other type of media with the character in some type of dream state or in a trippy drug scene maybe

Doublechindoge7 responds:

Thanks! I did use maximus on the sidechain to quieten the higher more jarring frequencies, but I understand that I need to do more...

Really nice to see someone cares enough to give structured feedback on my work already, I mean I'm only 13 and I really just do FLS when I can't be bothered to continue building levels on GD and I'm bored of everything else...

Also, my brother said it'd fit a game too, maybe if I get a proper coding software and learn how to use it (Because game design is my main ambition, believe it or not... Not music, though I do enjoy making music too...) I'll look back on this and use it for a soundtrack...

Cascade Cascade

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The loop transitions into itself very nicely. I really like the chord progression and the synths. Personally, I'd suggest you make the kick louder, and maybe some low end EQ adjustments on the other instruments while boosting the bass on the kick a little, to get it to stand out more, with the other drums being adjusted accordingly. You did a great job. I'd love to hear a full version.

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The Return The Return

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Cool song man, I can totally picture it in some type of advertising, like an anti drug commercial, or like an anti-depressant commercial.

Sheeepie2 responds:

Thanks :D Also thanks for the follow!

Bullspit Bullspit

Rated 5 / 5 stars

that beat is sick man, i dig your flow. I didn't hear any noticeable any doubling(though I did hear adlibs), which I think could give your voice some more impact on certain words or lines. All in all though, great job.

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B-RadGfromOV responds:

Thanks brotha. The vocal is one audio track, no layering or adlibs. It's kinda hard to blend it with someone elses beat, since I don't have access to his project file thingy, so it lacks clarity and oomph in places, you're right. I'll prolly see if he wants mix it the next time I use his beats.

Thanks for listening man.

Ndorphins - Reup (Trap) Ndorphins - Reup (Trap)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

That shit is fire bro, really sounds like something I would expect hear on the radio right now. All the snare and hat rolls keep the drums feeling really complex. The melody and synth were perfect for this style of music. The little sub bass pitch bends go hard.

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Ndorphins responds:

thanks man!
much love

i mostly post on my soundcloud

AJ: Newgrounds Specific Pronouns AJ: Newgrounds Specific Pronouns

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great Instrumental man. It makes me want to go rap and talk shit to people. I really vibe those drums. Virtually all the synths sound somewhat electro but you shaped it into that hard banger hip hop feel very nicely.

Afrojonez responds:

ill shape u into a hard banger (my hip hop wrestling move)

[Tsets] - Skipping Rocks [Extended Version] [Tsets] - Skipping Rocks [Extended Version]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great track man. I really dig that synth pad, but all of synths are nice really. That fading square sounding lead and the little bells enhance the ambience. Personally, I think adding a long side chained sub bass would really add some flavor. A little goes a long way, but then again I say crank the bass on everything. But as it stands its really mellow and relaxing, and very well made.

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TsetsukenMusic responds:

Thank you for the review! :D

Whenever I have the chance to go to make the final touches I could definitely give a side chained sub bass a try, that's not a bad idea at all.
I really appreciate the kind words, the extended version wasn't really planned until others commented on the original piece wanting more than the 2 minute long track.

-Rebirth- -Rebirth-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i love that little crunchy sidechained bass on the kick. drums are popping, sound design on the lead is dope. great work man.

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Demonicity responds:

Thanks! c: